Friday, 19 April 2013

Japanese Ranchu in the UK finally see Spring!

Ranchu Goldfish UK

Well the weather has finally taken a sudden change here in the UK and the Japanese Ranchu enjoy milder and brighter conditions. In the last two weeks temperatures have risen by a good 10 degrees C, with temperatures close to 20 degrees on occasion. The nights are now sitting comfortably a few degrees above freezing and the ranchu appear to be responding well.

I have been observing good chasing behavior regularly, especially immediately after water changes although these had appeared to die off as the evening went on and i went to bed with little happening following mornings. However, a couple of middle of the night investigations (between 3 and 4 am!) showed the ranchu chasing more franctically in the darkness, even days after water changes, which is encouraging.

As yet though, no eggs are being dropped, the fish are continuing to fill out nicely although i am still quite unsure as to the sexes. I'm thinking that the pre-winter treatments, resulting in reduced feeding prior to hibernation, and our prolonged winter, is perhaps meaning the females aren't quite in the right condition just yet.