Saturday, 23 February 2013

UK Nisai Ranchu 23/2/13 Update

Ranchu Goldfish UK

Today we have had snow again and cold temperatures but the ranchu continue to enjoy warmer conditions. I have now stalled the temperature increases at a little above 18 degrees C and hope brighter, warmer, natural weather will trigger breeding ranchu behavior in the coming weeks.

I have observed all the Nisai closely today and they have all been very active, with good appetites, which is reassuring. I have observed noticeable growth already in the Nisai, despite lower temperatures and limited feeding so far, which is also exciting. Along with the excitement surrounding spawning,  i'm also very excited to see how the Nisai themselves develop in the coming year.

The ranchu in todays image is a piece I like very much. Whilst there are always areas for improvement, I like its general proportions and its head is strong, with great width and head growth (which it had at 6 months of age). I very much hope that this ranchu will be involved in spawning this season.