Tuesday, 5 February 2013

UK Ranchu Pond Update 5/2/12

UK Ranchu Goldfish

Today we had a few more flurries of snow and the weather has indeed chilled somewhat but the ranchu remain warm. The pond today has neared 14 degrees C and i would say that the ranchu are close to normal activity levels. Today the main pond has been cleaned and refilled. The ranchu will remain in the smaller ponds for the next couple of days, as temperatures increase slightly further.

The ulcer on the wen of one fish is clearing each day and i suspect will be gone completely in the next couple of days. It has also been interesting to observe the funtan of another ranchu, which was damaged badly during treatment before Christmas. The spot on one side burst, then healed, but the result was a very badly shaped funtan on one side. Interestingly, the damaged funtan now appears to have regrown fully and the both sides now even once again, which is pleasing.

The ranchu in todays image is a fish that i'm excited to see grow. Whilst it is not as strong in some areas as other fish, I believe it has good overall proportions and future development potential. It is quite thin (as they all are currently), due to reduced feeding during quarantining, treatments and then the winter period, but is bulking up daily.