Saturday, 30 March 2013

Japanese Ranchu Spring (laughs) Update

UK Ranchu Breeder

Well Spring has arrived (supposedly!), but the Japanese ranchu continue to be surrounded by snow and the freezing night time conditions here in the UK. The ranchu are feeding strongly, growing and looking well. In particular i have observed good headgrowth on most of the ranchu over the winter. A couple of them have also grown significantly in length, in comparison with others that were bigger when i received them.

With each water change there is a little chasing occurring, but nothing much more appears to be developing from it throughout the night or early mornings. I'm hopeful that some sun and milder evenings may keep them more active. I'm watching each day as the suns trajectory changes ever so slightly, getting closer and closer to hitting the pond. I also gave the conservatory roof its first clean in 5 years, which is now letting in a ton of more light.

The pond is currently sitting at around 19.5-20 degrees C, with the ranchu being fed a mixture of pellet and bloodworm 2 or 3 times per day.