Sunday, 19 May 2013

Improvements to the Ranchu Spawning Mop

Male Ranchu Goldfish

I have decided to dispose of the green synthetic spawning mop that i made for the ranchu a few weeks ago. It's not entirely clear what plastic it was made from, so to be safe, i have removed it from the pond. I have resorted to a netting material that i know to be fish safe and soft, The ranchu appear to be happy, engaging with it much more than the previous one.

All fish appear well and i am learning a lot from studying my small group of ranchu.  How they move, how they feed, and how each one acts, reacts and develops very differently. I'm now almost certain that i have an even split of 3 males and 3 females. All the ranchu have breeding tubercles on their pectorals, but i have observed milt released from 3 during handling. No milt has been seen on the others, and all appear to have protruding vents (commonly found on females).

The ranchu in todays image i'm confident is male. I particularly like the scaling and the tail size/shape. He is also a strong chaser.

Today has been a bright sunny day. The temperature in the pond increased a little this morning and the ranchu enjoyed the morning sun on their backs as they cruised around in fresh water, changed last night. As i write this at 22.38 it still feels very mild and i wonder if tonight could be the night?......