Tuesday, 28 May 2013

UK Ranchu Pond Update - May '13

It has been a few days since my last entry and to be honest not a lot to write about. We have just enjoyed a very bright, warm bank holiday weekend. Temperatures must've been well above 20 degrees C and the temperature in the conservatory got higher than that. Fortunately i was at home and able to open doors and shade the pond ensuring the water temperature remained stable.

Earlier in the week i saw first hand the effects of temperature changes on the ranchu. Oversleeping meant i was late checking on the ranchu one morning. It was very bright, mild and hot in the conservatory, the temperature in the pond had increased from 22 to around 24 degrees C, in a few hours. I did what i could to prevent the increase further by shading the pond and opening doors.

As the pond temperature stabalised late afternoon, i adjusted the digital thermostat to prevent a huge drop back to what had been the normal temperature. That evening the ranchu were much less active and i checked the water temperature with an alternative thermometer. The thermostat had given an inaccurate high temp and an inaccurate low temperature, meaning a decent swing in temperature had still occurred! The following day the ranchu were still pretty lethargic.

It has taken about 48 hours, but today the temperature is back to what they have been more used to and all ranchu have been very active once again. Phew.....