Sunday, 23 February 2014

Shiny Happy Ranchu

UK Ranchu Goldfish in Outdoor Pond

In the last few days we have had milder weather and seen a little more sun. At times the ranchu ponds have gone above 15 degrees C. I have also been feeding bloodworm in small quantities. The fish really seem to be responding well to the changes, which is reassuring.

With the recent change of pond, introduction of food, and warmer conditions, i decided to add my new artificial spawning mop/grass to see how the ranchu like it. It seems to have gone down well and they are all very comfortable with it, brushing themselves along its soft strands confidently.

I aim to keep the ponds somewhere in the 15-18 degrees C range now. The ranchu are looking and swimming about very confidently and im hopeful spawning activity could be just round the corner. 

During March of the 2013 breeding season the temperature jumped up to 20 degrees C within a couple days, fingers crossed for similar (or better) weather this year.