Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Ranchu Eggs and Hatching Fry!

Ranchu Goldfish Fry

Just teasing, sadly theyre not mine! Ranchu goldfish are being spawned across Japan though it appears as the breeding season gets well underway for Japanese hobbyists. 

I have been watching the weather in areas of Japan and it has been very similar to conditions here in the UK, which has been 10 degrees C above the average for the time of the year. 

Today, we have enjoyed the sunniest, warmest day of he year, with barbecues fired up all around us. The ranchu pond rose to 17 degrees C earlier, and we are set for a week of high pressure and warm(ish) weather. The ponds were cleaned up and refilled yesterday and the ranchu were moved today.

Japanese Ranchu and Spawning Mop

The ranchu have been enjoying good quantities of bloodworm and I am looking forward to observing the ranchus behaviour this week, if conditions continue to be bright and mild in their new pond.