Thursday, 20 March 2014

Ranchu breeding tubercles and conditioning

In the last couple if weeks we've enjoyed mild conditions and the pond now comfortably climbs well above 18 degrees C on a bright day, falling back down to a controlled 18 degrees C during the night.

Looking at the blog from last year, it appears that chasing behavior occurred when temperatures were in the 21-24C range. It would suggest we could be close to these conditions very soon. I may push the base pond temperature up a little further as i am getting itchy to see some spawning behaviour. I will just ensure the pond can drop back down a little further than i let it last year.

Ranchu breeding tubercles

I have increased the number of bloodworm feeds per day where possible  and the ranchu are looking in good condition. One of the males in particular is showing very good vigour, seemingly swimming with real purpose and presence (if that's possible!). The females all appear to be filling out nicely, with breeding tubercles becoming more prominent on the males, which is good to see.