Saturday, 8 December 2012

Japanese Ranchu December Update

During yesterday evening it became obvious of two of my Japanese ranchu that were not 100%. Both showed no interest in the small amount of bloodworm offered, whilst others fed happily. Both also, still appeared to be breathing a little rapidly, and one spent much of the evening facing the corner of the pond. My plan for this morning was to get the ranchu into 100% fresh water without delay, if they had not perked up, overnight.

Today started with a schoolboy error, not getting up in time to carry out a complete water change before leaving for work! The two ranchu that had looked rough, were still looking weak, and so i decided something at least, must be done. Instead of a complete change, i had to settle for a water change of around 50%. Whilst changing the water, i noticed that the ranchu with the sever finnage veining yesterday, was already looking near perfect again. A very good sign.

I received regular updates from my girlfriend throughout the day, as to whether the ranchu were becoming more active, or if things took a turn for the worse. Neither happened. After returning home this evening, I got straight on with cleaning the temporary tubs once again, with the intention of putting the ranchu into one, with 100% fresh aged water, until fresh water in the main pond has aged. I have noticed that one of the unhappy ranchu appears to have an ulcer/spot developing on/in one funtan, which may explain its discomfort. Interestingly, within 30 minutes of the group being placed into the temporary tub with 100% untreated water, all were looking more active, and the fish with the identified spot, even joined in the feeding, which can only be a good sign.