Friday, 21 December 2012

Japanese Ranchu Pond Update

This afternoon the ranchu were moved back into their main pond. It has been many days since they all appeared as happy and active as they look today. I hope this is a sign that things are much improved. Being in a much larger environment will only be beneficial.

Some of the damage to the ranchu caused during treatment also appears to be healing. What appeared to be minor chemical burn on the wen of one fish, has cleared completely in the last two days in the temporary tubs. Another piece had also acquired some ragged fins, whether this was due to aggression from other ranchu or a bacterial infection, i'm not sure. Either ways, this too has improved significantly in the last 48 hours. A nice indication that my general ranchu goldfish husbandry is good.

Japanese Ranchu Pond in the UK

The growth of the ranchu has been interesting to observe. Whilst they have not been fed as well as i would have liked, due to the treatments (maintaining water quality becoming primary goal), they have still grown a little in length.