Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Treatment Takes its Toll on the Ranchu

After 24 hours in the full dosage level of FMG, scrapes of various areas of the tub, heaters and airline continues to show massively reduced numbers of critters, and looking close to death. However, the ranchu are beginning to look a little tired and fed up by the whole ordeal. They are not as active as they have been previously and they have fed much less aggressively today. I have also observed one or two flashing and rubbing their noses today. I'm hoping this is a positive sign, perhaps as the last remaining costia on the fish react to the treatment.

I will keep the ranchu in the quarantine tub until tomorrow, when i will put them back into the main pond. The water will be from the stock tank (treatment now approx 50% diluted). I hope this will replicate how the treatment would dissipate/dissolve over a few days or after a hefty water change in a filtered system. Over the weekend the water will be changed again, this time with 100% aged, fresh, untreated water (which I'm very much looking forward to doing!). I hope this will perk the ranchu right up. i'll then have the wintering process to look forward too!

I do not intend to subject the ranchu to any further treatment for the year, and hope that what has been done, will have been enough, to give the ranchu the upper hand over the winter.