Thursday, 3 January 2013

Japanese Ranchu and UK Weather

The British weather is demonstrating another fine example of its inconsistency and providing a challenge to keeping ranchu in perfect conditions, with a bout of mild (and obviously wet) weather, for this time of year. With pond temperatures rising a couple of degrees in the past couple of days, it appears I will need to be more hands on in trying to cool the conservatory and the pond as much as possible.

The ranchu have had a small feed with the temperature rising and are also still getting water changes. The fish continue to appear happy and active. I hope that by the end of next week the pond temperature will be below 10 degrees C and that i can keep it there. This will then be the end of the water changes and feeding will also be stopped.

It has made me think that the winter in the outdoor ranchu facility will prove easier to control temperatures, although my wallet will probably be taking much more of a hit!