Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Ranchu Receive Milder Weather

Today the weather has warmed things considerably, ranchu included, with temperatures above 10 degrees C and forecasts of 15 degrees C at times this week. The result today, has meant the pond temperature has increased by around 1 degree C. It would have almost certainly been more had i not been at home and able to open and close doors and windows to assist in cooling the ambient temperature of the ranchu room.

Japanese Ranchu UK Breeder

The ranchu appear to have detected the change. A couple of fish in particular, I believe, have been moving slightly more decisively.With outside temperatures rising rapidly, I think the endless water changing and feeding may soon be upon me once again. Mind you, to be honest, i am looking forward to warming them up, getting them in cleaner water and feeding them once again.

I will make the most of the remaining, relatively relaxing, days.