Sunday, 25 November 2012

Japanese Ranchu Characteristics and Terminology

For anyone becoming interested in the traditional (Japanese) Ranchu goldfish culture, it's worth trying to remember some useful Ranchu terminology. You will often encounter enthusiasts using a variety of phrases and terminology that you may not be familiar with. I have provided a list of the few terms commonly used when keeping, breeding, and showing Ranchu in particular;

"TVR" - Top View Ranchu.
"BBR" (or "Kurokos") - Black Baby Ranchu.
"CBR" - Coloured baby Ranchu.

"Tosai" - Ranchu in its first year.
"Nisai" - Ranchu in its second year.
"Oya" - Ranchu in it's third year.

A picture will best help describe other terms associated with the features of the Japanese Ranchu observed from above:
Japanese ranchu characteristics and terminology

1. Caudal Peduncle.
2. Tail Shoulders (or "Oshia") -Where tail begins to bend back and down.
3. Tail Tips (or "Osaki")
4. Bracelet (or "Oza") - Small scales around base of peduncle.
5. Tail core (or "Oshin") - Central line of tail to the split.
6. Funtan - Headgrowth protruding forward from beneath the eyes
7. Hood or Wen. - Head growth.

Though theses are important areas when developing high quality ranchu, it is by no means a complete checklist. Above all, a ranchu must be well balanced, powerful and swim beautifully!