Thursday, 22 November 2012

Ranchu Parasites

Having become somewhat obsessed with my new microscope, I have been inspecting many samples from the pond and the Ranchu in recent days.

The first issue identified clearly on the Ranchu were flukes. Both skin and gill flukes were identified following scrapes and a straight forward Praziquantel course of treatment appears to have successfully removed them.

I have also identified what i'm confident is Costia in the pond that salt at low levels (0.3%) is having no effect on. Somewhat reassuringly, I have not (yet) found any Costia on the Ranchu themselves although I expect that they will be there somewhere and when confirmed they will be treated.

To start with, I will be keeping the Ranchu in alternative temporary accommodation for a few days whilst the main pond, heaters, air stones etc, are disinfected. With the Ranchu themselves not currently showing any obvious parasites on scrapes, I am keen to avoid subjecting them to any chemicals, if at all possible. That said, the Ranchu will continue to be scraped before being returned to the treated pond. 

Fingers crossed...