Thursday, 15 November 2012

Preparing Ranchu for Winter

The weather here in the UK is beginning to become much more winter like, with a number of good frosts on the ground in recent mornings. Within the next couple of days I will begin reducing the temperature in my ranchu pond steadily over a period of a few weeks until they reach the desired temperature (<8 Degrees C ) that I shall keep them at over winter. I do not intend to feed my ranchu or carry out any water changes once the pond is at the desired winter temperature. I also intend to keep the pond at this temperature for several weeks although the fish will obviously be observed regularly.

In the weeks that I have owned my ranchu stock they have grown but not really as much as I hoped they might by now. I put this down to the periods of reduced feeding and lower temperatures prior to transportation and during quarantining procedures once here. That said all ranchu continue to feed very actively and within the next few weeks i expect a little more growth will be seen.