Friday, 2 November 2012

Another day, another water change

Today was water change day which currently takes more time than id like. The fish are currently in a temporary 6 x 4 indoor pond. 100% water changes are carried out every 3 - 5 days dependant on the condition of the pond and the activity levels of the Tosai.

Although the process is relatively straight forward, I look forward to moving the fish into the new facility which will be outdoors (under cover) and which has been designed to cater for the Ranchu's needs (and my back!) far more efficently. The other half is also desperate to have the conservatory back!

Today i also received a new toy, and what is an essential part of any fish keeping arsenal. A new microscope. With ambitions to develop such valuable pieces its crucial that any issues can be diagnosed correctly and the correct treatment carried out efficiently.