Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Ranchu Update

The final dose of FMG treatment has been given to the Ranchu pond this morning which i hope will be the dose that takes the total dosage to the effective level. Scrapes of the pond wall this evening are still showing Costia. However, they do appear to be in fewer numbers, and moving in a very drugged like, manner! I hope that after tomorrow evening (24 hrs at full dose strength), the costia will no longer be found alive, or much more positive results will be seen, at least.

Having no filtration in my Ranchu pond has created additional work whilst medicating. Being a course of treatment meant i had to have my fresh water change water stores constantly treated at an identical level. All other equipment has been treated in equally strong (if not stronger) solutions, I've also disinfected two temporary tubs (used during water changes) with Potassium Permanganate.

Fish aside, I must echo the warnings and say that great care must be taken when using any of the medications currently available commercially. FMG mixes are widely acknowledged as being very hazardous chemicals. The Permanganate, whilst being also pretty potent stuff in its own right, I've also read that in contact with Formalin/formaldehyde could be explosive. READ INSTRUCTIONS AND TAKE CARE!

The fish still appear in good health actively seeking food. Even so I'm very much looking forward to getting my Ranchu in to fresh clean water once again.